The second largest country in South America, Argentina is a land of contrasts with so many different types of landscapes and environments, from magnificent mountains, breathtaking glaciers, wonderful forests, immense deserts, vast jungles making Argentina an incredibly rich destination for wildlife and nature lovers.

Argentina offers good value for money with restaurants and cafes priced very reasonably. Cuisine ranges from great steaks to superb Argentinean wines from the Mendoza region. The huge choice of restaurants in Buenos Aires offer a wide variety of international cuisine.

Accommodation ranges from boutique hotels to international hotels to traditional ranches (“estancias") and lodges.

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Where to go in Argentina


General Info

Capital: Buenos Aires
Official language: Spanish
Currency: Argentine Peso (ARS)
Time zone: GMT −3 hours
International dialling code: +54
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Buenos Aires

The capital, a sophisticated and cosmopolitan city with fabulous restaurants and hotels. Known as the Paris of South America, this ultra-European city offers a great mix of cultures which is reflected in the city’s life and society; from the tantalising tango to the bustle of its prosperous port.

Iguazu Falls

Situated in the Iguazu National Park bordering Brazil and Paraguay, the Iguazu Falls are one of South America’s most renowned landmarks and one of the great natural highlights of the world with sub-tropical flora and fauna with a great variety of birds and butterflies.


Located in the south and bordering Chile, Patagonia offers a breathtaking landscape with mountains, valleys, glaciers and lakes attracting visitors all year round. The legendary snowed-covered peaks of the Southern Patagonian Icefield provide the scenery on treks in this enchanting corner. Wildlife lovers can truly enjoy an unforgettable experience spotting the huge whales, and seeing seals and penguins in the Peninsula Valdes.

Mendoza & Andes Mountains

Take a journey in the north to Mendoza, the cradle of the best of Argentinean wines, and enjoy its flavours and aromas, or perhaps take part in the renowned wine harvest national festival, locally known as 'Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia'. Thanks to its pristine location at the foot of the Andean Range, Mendoza is the entrance gate to one of the most attractive natural areas in the region: the Aconcagua Provincial Park.

Bariloche & Lake District

Known as the Switzerland of South America due to its exuberant forests and lakes, Bariloche boasts a great location in the foothills of the Andes and a gateway to a marvellous group of lakes, woods, glaciers and snowy peaks. Take a lake crossing tour between Argentina and Chile, and be amazed by the stunning scenery with expansive shimmering lakes, thousand-year-old forests and the warmth of the Patagonian people.

When to go

The seasons are opposite to those in the Northern hemisphere with winter from June to October, and summer from December to March - with temperatures over 30°C in Buenos Aires and Iguassu. There are tropical showers in Iguassu during the summer and long, sunny days in the summer in the south (Patagonia).

Winters in Patagonia are harsh with snowy conditions. Spring and autumn are nice times to travel often with pleasant sunny days although the weather can be unpredictable at these times.

Peak season is around Christmas and New Year when hotels and flight availability can be difficult.


Where to go next

Combine Argentina and Chile by crossing the border in the lake district or in Patagonia.

Take an Antarctic cruise from Ushuaia in the south of Argentina.

Or combine Argentina and Brazil, for example visiting Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls before continuing to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Iguazu Falls are situated on the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay so you can fly into the Argentine airport and then take a domestic flight from the Brazilian airport to continue your holiday in Brazil.

Argentina Buenos Aires
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Argentina and Brazil from_braz_side Iguassu Falls -
Argentina Kayak at Ushuaia
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Argentina Bariloche

Map of Argentina

Entry Requirements

Valid passport required.
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Always check with your doctor or medical centre in advance of travelling.
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