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Katie Wigfield, SaspoUK

Katie Wigfield, Owner & Director

Brought up in South America, Katie went to school in Peru and Brazil before returning to her native England and has since had the opportunity to travel extensively. She joined SASPO in 2001, working for eight years from the London-based office before spending a further eight years in Sweden, and now divides her time between the UK and Ireland.

She is now the owner of the company and is involved in every aspect of the business from preparing tailor-made itineraries and quotations for individuals, groups and special interest tours, incentives and conferences and assisting with the preparation of client brochures.

With a thorough knowledge of Latin America, Katie can easily provide you with the specialist product information needed to assist in the selling and marketing of destinations throughout South and Central America.

You can contact Katie here.

Monica Rossi, Operations Manager, SaspoUK

Monica Rossi, Operations Manager

After completing her Travel & Tourism studies near her hometown in northern Italy, Monica packed her bags in the mid-1990's and left her motherland for the breezy emerald Ireland where she lived for over 25 years.

During her time in Dublin she had worked her way up through the travel industry and gained invaluable experience especially in long-haul and round-the world trips with a focus on tailormade itineraries and adventure travel.

Having known SASPO for some years and subsequently booking her first trip to South America, Monica decided to deepen her knowledge of Latin America and joined the company in 2017 in her current role as Operations Manager.

Always intrigued and fascinated by different cultures and diverse landscapes, Monica’s passion for travel has contributed to create a healthy balance in her work ethic and approach in life.

You can contact Monica here.