Exotic - exciting - different - pulsating - friendly - rapidly developing and singularly beautiful - that is Brazil. From the primitive Amazon rainforest to the romance and beauty of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is a non-stop assault on the senses, a land of dazzling colours and uninhibited pleasures. Mystical, alluring, raucous and always inviting, this country of samba and Carnival is an all-year party of explosive joy and spontaneity.

A great range of restaurants offers all kinds of Brazilian and international food. Try the famous "revolving" barbecues where you can eat as much as you like, before delighting in a Brazilian samba show, or going to one of the smaller jazz and folk nightclubs.

Brazil offers a great choice of international hotels, boutique properties, beach resorts and lodges.

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Where to go in Brazil


General Info

Capital: Brasilia
Official language: Portuguese
Currency: Brazilian Real (BRL)
Time zone: GMT −2 to -5 hours
International dialling code: +55
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Rio de Janiero

One of the world’s most beautiful cities with mountains, forests, beaches, lagoons and the South Atlantic blending to form one dramatic back-drop as this incredible landscape rises from the sea. With its warm climate, it is the perfect destination all year round.

Iguassu Falls

Situated in the Iguassu National Park bordering Argentina and Paraguay, the Iguassu Falls are one of South America’s most renowned landmarks and one of the great natural highlights of the world with sub-tropical flora and fauna. The Brazilian side offers fabulous opportunities to enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the falls.

The Amazon Jungle

The greatest wilderness on earth, a green ocean full of astonishing plants and animals. See wildlife by taking an Amazon cruise or stay in a jungle lodge and immerse yourself deep into the nature.

Salvador da Bahia & the Northern Beaches

Experience northern Brazil’s cultural heritage with its cities with cobbled streets, beautiful colonial churches and architecture, and relax on it's golden sand beaches.

Carnival and the New Year

Brazil’s best times for celebration and parties! Carnival takes place just before Ash Wednesday and is celebrated throughout the country although Rio has the most famous Carnival parade. There are fabulous fireworks above Rio’s famous beaches on New Year’s Eve. Hotels and flights tend to be booked early for these high season periods so we recommend booking well in advance.

When to go

The seasons are opposite to those in the Northern hemisphere. Rio de Janeiro has a warm climate, making it the perfect destination throughout the year.

Brazilian summer runs from mid-October to mid-May and, overall, Brazil is quite hot with average temperatures of between 28°C to 35°C. Maximum temperatures exceed 40°C in certain regions.

Occasional heavy, but short, tropical rainstorms may be expected throughout the summer, while temperatures remain quite stable. In winter (May-October), temperatures are mild (around 20-25°C) although there can be cooler days of mist and fine rain. During this period, we recommend that you bring a warm jacket or light pullover (which is also useful in the hotels and restaurants with their air conditioning). This is a nice time to visit Rio to avoid the crowds!

The seasons in the Amazon follow a very distinctive pattern dictated by the high waters and low waters. In the Amazon the water begins to rise in November and December reaching its highest level in the months of March to June. From July to September, the water begins to ebb reaching its lowest in October and November. It is hot and humid in the Amazon region with temperatures between 23°C and 32°C.

For beach holidays during Europe’s winter months, head to the north east of the country – we recommend the beach resorts near Salvador or Recife. Even during the rainy season here (April-July), rain comes in short showers and it is never long before the sun emerges again.


Where to go next

Combine Brazil with a visit to Argentina.  Iguassu Falls are situated on the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay so you can fly into the Brazilian airport and then take a domestic flight from the Argentine airport to continue your holiday in Argentina.

Brazilian Lady
Brazil Rio bondinho_e_vista_2
Brazil Rio
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Brazil Iguassu 13. Vista geral - Overall view

Map of Brazil

Entry Requirements

Valid passport required.
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Always check with your doctor or medical centre in advance of travelling.
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