El Salvador

Known as "The land of volcanoes", El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America with a gorgeous Pacific coast, and shares borders with Honduras and Guatemala.

El Salvador has moved beyond its turbulent past and is known for its charming colonial towns, green valleys and mountain cloud forest. Easy to get around, El Salvador is a friendly and hospitable country, perfect for those wishing to visit unexplored, emerging destinations.

Salvadoran cuisine has local and Spanish influences and traditional dishes include thick corn tortillas stuffed with cheese, meat and squash as well as empanadas filled with meat, potatoes and cheese. Restaurants in San Salvador and other big cities also offer a wide range of international cuisine.

El Salvador offers a mix of international standard hotels in the cities as well as smaller locally owned guest houses and boutique hotels in the countryside and on the beach.

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Where to go in El Salvador


General Info

Capital: San Salvador
Official language: Spanish
Currency: US Dollar (USD)
Time zone: GMT −6 hours
International dialling code: +503
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San Salvador

Explore the capital city of San Salvador surrounded by mountains and enjoy the famous Zona Rosa district with its numerous restaurants and bars.

Ruta de las Flores

Travel along Ruta de las Flores, a winding scenic route through coffee country with mountain villages, coffee plantations and marvellous volcanoes.


Take a step back in time and spend a night or two in the peaceful and lovely colonial town of Suchitoto with its cobbled streets, pretty church and boutique hotels.

Mayan Ruins & Pyramids

Joya de Cerén, the greatest archaeological discovery during the last 50 years in all Latin America. Known as the Pompeii of America, this pre-Columbian Maya farming village was buried under an eruption of the Laguna Caldera volcano in the 6th century.

See the pyramids in the archaeological site of El Tazumal, or at the pre-Columbian ceremonial center of San Andrés, one of the greatest pre-Hispanic centers of El Salvador.

El Imposible National Park

Hike in El Imposible National Park in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range. This tropical forest is home to a wide range of flora and fauna with more than 250 kinds of birds and mammals.

Go Surfing!

El Salvador's Pacific coastline has some of the best surfing spots in the world.

When to go

El Salvador is a year-round destination with a tropical climate throughout the year. The dry season runs from November to April when temperatures range between 28º and 35º C.

During the wet season, it can feel very hot and humid on the coast but rain tends to fall mainly in the afternoons - so you still have plenty of clear skies and sunshine.


Where to go next

We recommend combining El Salvador with a trip to Guatemala or Honduras.

El Salvador Volcan Chaparrastique 2
El Salvador iglesia de Suchitoto1
El Salvador La Laguna de la Apaneca
El Salvador jiquilisco dos barcas
Blick auf den Vulkan Izalco vom Nationalpark Cerro Verde

Map of El Salvador

Entry Requirements

Valid passport required.
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